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Fuck You Larry! (4)
April 17, 2009, 9:29 pm
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Today Marissa is going to help me out with the Fuck You post, I think this should be fun and we’ll have a good time just like 2 guyz. Let the experiment begin!!

07. Mall Cop Movies: We’ve had enough of you, what is the purpose of two coming out relatively close to each other what is the point of these movies are mall cops really that funny? I mean one, okay, but two? We’ve got problems, and I’m blaming you..Fuck you.

06. Cat Pee: We just dealt with the worst situation of stuff being peed on by Buster the cat, man just the scent alone is awful but to pick up a bag filled with cat pee, ah. Fuck you.

05. Tony Horton: You’re an extreme dick, that’s what you are you bastard who seems like he molests women on a daily basis. What kinda creep are you? I feel like you may be creepier than Tony Little, that’s saying a lot. The worst part is we’ll probably end up doing your stupid video tonight you wacky jacken fucker you, Believe it! Fuck you!

04. Annoying scene girls at Conor Shows: I’ve (johnny) only encountered this problem twice, the first time I saw Bright Eyes, and when I recently just saw Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band, listen girls, it’s okay to love a band for their music, but when you’re at a show screaming how bad you want to fuck Conor, it’s a little ridiculous. Stop it, it’s not like he’s going to listen to you and be like “yeah I want to fuck that girl as much as she wants to fuck me” nah, never would happen And I’ve (marissa) dealt with this problem 18 times. Not only are these girls obnoxious and annoying, they also don’t even know the first thing about the band that they are flashing. The girls in front of us in line at Conor first thought that they were seeing Bright Eyes and secondly thought the name Bright Eyes came from an indian meaning. WTF? You got there 7 hours early and you don’t even know what band you’re seeing? Fuck you.

03. Coachella: you are at coachella, watching leonard cohen while I’m stuck in my house because of the blizzard, in my pajama’s watching people talk about sarah palin running again in 2012. It’s not fair. I don’t really hate you, I enjoyed you when I went in 2004 and 2005, but I’m jealous of everyone who got to go this year. so fuck you coachella, with your sunshine and good music. Fuck you.

02. Sarah Palin: You’re still around? Really? Do you not know how to leave? You’re like a fucking herp, what the fuck? Shut the fuck up already I can’t believe people still rally for you although everyone saw how much you really just do not know, you’re just a dumb slut who lucked out for a moment, fuck you wolf shooting bitch.

01. Tea Party Protest: What more can really be said about the idiocy that was the tea party protests? First of all, the entire point of the protest doesn’t make any sense. Not that most republicans understand history and facts are pretty much lost on them, but the entire purpose of the boston tea party was to fight taxation with out representation. you do recall the little election where you FAILED in november right? Plus, most of you assholes that wasted your time at the protest will have LOWER taxes under the Obama administration. What do you want to do now? Tea bag people in the face? I’d have to say that’s a lot worse than gay marriage, who in the world wants hot salty balls in their face? Not I, and not You. Sorry that this has strained out to something entirely different but really, and you FOX news, are you still tea bagging people? Really? What’s the point of this? On top of this who started calling this the “Tea Bagging Coverage?” It’s just disgusting. Fuck you.