Little Clouds

guess we’re back

It’s been a few months, sorry everyone. I’m sure no one minded too much. We’ve just been super busy, looking for apartments, starting new jobs, taking finals, doing summer school, adopting pets.

Here’s a list of everything of importance since we last posted
My Bloody Valentine show
Maria Taylor Show
Another Conor show
One Year Anniversary
Internship at the Daily Camera (marissa)
Job at Proactive (johnny)
adopted a dog
Michael Jackson Death, leading to 24 hour MJ listening all the time

I thought I’d keep it simple with this blog and talk about some things coming up that I’m really excited for.

Sonic Youth obviously. super excited for this show. duh.
Monster of Folk Album If you know me, you know I hated Outer South. This will hopefully be better. It’s a collaborative album with Conor, M. Ward and Jim James. I was lucky enough to see them all perform together at the Newport Folk Festival. blew my mind. this will be awesome
Vetiver Show hi dive
Casiotone hi dive
Off the Wall Dance Party we’ll probably go to this because we’re dorks
Monolith Festival excited for Of Montreal, Cymbals Eat Guitars, HEALTH, The Antlers, M. Ward and Deer Tick