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Headlights at the Hi Dive 4.15.2009 + One of My Kind
April 16, 2009, 3:18 pm
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Headlights at the Hi Dive 4.15

aww headlights, youre too cute

aww headlights, you're too cute

Johnny, Sarah and I went to see Headlights last night at the Hi Dive. The show was pretty much what I expected, which meant it was pleasant and fun. Pleasant isn’t a very descriptive word, but I feel like it’s the appropriate word to describe Headlights’ music. I find anything with male and female vocals and and a certain amount of poppiness pleasant, but who doesn’t? “TV”, one of the band’s poppiest songs by far, was the encore and certainly the highlight of the show. With openers The Love Langauge on stage with them, the band killed the song and turned it into a straight up dance party. I do wish that they had played “Some Racing, Some Stopping” and “April 2”, but maybe next time.

Here is a low quality video of “TV” taken on Johnny’s phone.

One of My Kind

You're Still One of My Kind

You're Still One of My Kind

On another note, “One of My Kind”, the documetary about Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley is now available for free download on It is suggested that you make a donation to the charity of your choice.

The documentary details how the band formed, recorded their two records and their worldwide tour in the fall of 2008. It really makes you understand the dynamic of the mystic valley band and at the same time makes you appreciate the democratic approach to songwriting that Conor is taking these days. The most touching and humanizing moment is when it shows the band watching the election results in their hotel room. Oberst, in cowboy pajama pants, sits like a little boy glued to the t.v. and gets teary (as we all did) during the President’s acceptance speech. Anyway, it once again, made me feel guilty about my scathing review of “Outer South”, but just because you like the band doesn’t mean you have to love each album, right?

If you are a fan at all I suggest watching it, I really enjoyed it. Plus, your’s truly makes a guest appearance. Haha, no really, watch out for me and my friends Sarah and Chris, we’re in it at about 21 minutes. To explain, we signed up volunteers for the Obama campaign at a Mystic Valley Band Show.

Watch it here!