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mr. elvrum
March 30, 2009, 12:02 am
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the elv.

the elv.

Tonight I organized my music, or attempted to. my computer is going to explode, literally. Like every two seconds I get a pop up that’s like “Start up disc full. start saving your shit”. it’s terrifying really. and annoying. So I went through and tried to delete all duplicates in my itunes. This was hard because full discographies often have the duplicate songs on multiple records and I don’t want to mess up a discography. It was a very tedious process to say the least, and I got fed up when I got to T and just gave up.

Mr. Elvrum didn’t make this task any easier, i mean the album “window” is like all songs named window. Luckily all of my music made it out alive and in the process I listened to the microphones and other great phil elvrum incarnations. I love the elv, and feel so much love for him right now that I am dedicating this blog to him.

here are some of my favies

The Microphones-Florida Beach
I love the beach boys part.
The Microphones-Monsters
This song always makes me laugh. I think it’s silly.
Mount Eerie-Moon Sequel
This is probably my favorite Mount Eerie song. it’s eem, so ofcourse I love it. but really, it’s a really good song.
Mount Eerie-Voice in Headphones
This is an earlier version then the one with julie doiron on “Lost Wisdom”. For some reason I like it more, it’s slower. Both are really pretty and good though.
Mount Eerie, Julie Doiron and Fred Squire-What?
It was hard to pick a favorite off “Lost Wisdom”, but I really like this song.