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Kidney Infection Day 6…Angry at Conor Oberst
March 24, 2009, 6:22 pm
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A nice cover for an album, I suppose.

A nice cover for an album, I suppose.

I saw the cover to the new Conor Oberst album last night. I think it’s okay. Johnny and I were talking about how we like when bands have a mystique surrounding their albums. I think Conor has lost that, most definitley. What I mean is some interconnectedness between the E.P.s surrounding it, the lyrics, the imagery and the album art.

Like when Lifted came out, there was this whole feeling about the album. I can’t really explain it, but it was there, or at least it was for me. “There’s no beginning to the story EP” came out soon before lifted. The title of the EP itself gave way to Lifted, the first lyrics of “Method Acting” are “There’s no beginning to the story”. The word “lifted” is first used on the EP at the end of “We are free men.” And the beginning of “Loose Leaves” is “the story is in the soil” ( part of the full name of the LP). Even the artwork is fluid with Lifted, and the video for “Bowl of Oranges” follows this certain feeling too. I guess I feel like that’s missing now. It’s just a bunch of songs thrown on a record. No real purpose, whereas with an album like lifted it was like everything about the release had some purpose.

Clearly, that’s not my biggest gripe about Conor’s new music. My biggest gripe is that it sucks. It’s all the same. It’s just shitty alt-country with generic lyrics. I find myself not even wanting to buy “Outer South”, although ofcourse I will. I have no expectations though. And for me it’s sad, because when I was younger albums like “Lifted” or “I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning” were the best records ever. Not to mention that I loved “Everyday and Everynight EP” and “Fevers and Mirrors” because I was an eem 15 year old. When I was in high school no musician was as good, as interesting or related as much to me as bright eyes. Obviously, that had to blow over, I wasn’t going to stay eem forever. And it’s hard for someone to keep producing good records. But I thought that maybe it could grow with me. I don’t know, I guess it’s lame that I’m so sad about this. But it’s hard to see you’re childhood heros become total tools, even if that’s what they really were the whole time.

So anyway, my kidney infection and benadryl use had me asleep until five. way to go self. in between thinking about doing the hollywood juice diet and blowing my nose, I came across a Bright Eyes cover of “Papa was a rodeo”. I just can’t get into condor’s version at all. I really like the magnetic fields version. ugh. It seems like a song conor might be able to do, but I just don’t like it all.

This cover came on that awesome package called like 20 years of Merge! or something. If you guys don’t remember, this was that amazing thing that merge was selling during christmas time where you got like a million albums in the mail and album artwork books and other awesome things. It was like $200 : ( . Anyway, this is Oberst’s tribute to the magnetic fields.

Bright Eyes-Papa Was a Rodeo


kidney infection day 3

Johnny and I came to pueblo today. I was feeling pretty good all day but then at the end of our dinner with my dad at black eyed pea I got really sick. So we went to my dad’s and I cried and took a nap on the couch. I woke to my dad and johnny watching “the first wives club” which was the highlight of my day. I was sad/am sad because I am worried that I am not getting better : ( I still have a high fever, get chills, and can’t really eat .

so because I am sad I decided to post five of the saddest songs ever. Well, actually, just songs that at some point or another I specifically found sad. Don’t cry like I did today : (

in no particular order:

Nick Drake- Way to Blue
Nick Drake wasn’t the happiest guy. This song sounds like a funeral, literally. it’s beautiful though.

Elliott Smith- King’s Crossing (Live at the Henry Fonda Theater 1.31.2003)
This is heartbreaking. This song literally makes me cry everytime. In the studio version of this song you can hear elliott smith’s fiance say “Because I love you” after he says “Give me one good reason not to do it”. According to an article I read, she yelled that every time he played that song. On this live version, you can hear her yell it. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. I can’t even listen to it anymore. In fact, just writing this is making me sad.

Bright Eyes-Poison Oak (Live on the Morning Becomes Eclectic 5.2003)
I think this song is so sad. It is definitely the saddest on I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning. The meaning behind this song is very sad too. Sadly, it was written about Conor’s cousin who had past away. I think this version of this song is absolutely beautiful. I like it because it is unpolished and really stripped down. You can hear his voice cracking during it. I think we can all relate to it in some sense.

Joni Mitchell-The Last Time I Saw Richard
A friend of mine put this song on a mixtape for me. I had never heard it before, but fell in love with it. I told him later that I thought it was a really sad song, he didn’t understand why. I still stand that it’s very sad. I can remember being in my car in high school crying to it. I think it was sad to me because I was so lonely, and I felt like I was destined to become her character in the song, being a romantic and ending up “hiding behind bottles in dark cafes”.

Rivers Cuomo- Longtime Sunshine
I first heard this song when I was 14, before I went to high school, in my summer of weezer. I’d stay up like every night on the message boards just hoping to see ace (river’s screen name) sign on. I was a total dork. I thought this song was so sad. Especially the part when he says “sometimes i wanna get in a car, close my eyes and drive real fast, keep on going ’til i get some place where i can truly rest”.