Little Clouds

bonnie “prince” billy :(
oh prince of all this shit.

oh prince of all this shit.

I forgot da prince was last night. how dumb can you be? I realized when it was too late. ah well. I’m not going act like i’m will oldham’s biggest fan, I have friends who like him much more. but I enjoy him and am sorry i missed it.

here are my favies:
Bonnie “Prince” Billy-Hard Life
Bonnie “Prince” Billy-Wolf Among Woves
Bonnie “Prince” Billy-For Every Field There’s A Mole
Bonnie “Prince” Billy-Grand Dark Feeling of Emptiness
Bonnie “Prince” Billy-You Remind Me of Somethine(The Glory Goes)

my favie song about da prince:
jack Lewis/Jeffrey Lewis-Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror

-marissa malouff