Little Clouds

April 2, 2009, 8:06 pm
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today for soundbite there was a violinist. soundbite, if you don’t know, is the program i book bands for in the umc. the violin is such a dramatic, sad, beautiful instrument. when songs use violins it’s like cheating because they automatically are pretty and good in my book. except for yellowcard, but that’s a given.

for today’s post i am sharing my favorite songs that feature a violin/other pretty string instruments.

Carissa’s Weird-Farewell to All these Rotten Teeth
if you’ve heard carissa’s weird, which hopefully you have, you know that they made beautiful, beautiful music.

Espers-Black is the Color
I like the idea that there are certain folk songs that like everyone covers, “black is the color” being one of those, this is a really pretty version of it.

Final Fantasy-Many Lives-_49mp
The violin part in this song hurts me, it’s so pretty. it’s like too much.

Head of Femur-Curve That Byrd
Head of Femur is good. this is my favorite song of theirs. that’s all i have to say about it.

Bob Dylan-One More Cup of Coffee
This is my favie b.d. song.