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What the Hell?: Gaming Products
March 31, 2009, 3:46 pm
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Hello, Johnny Ketchum here, you know, the “Fuck You” guy. I’m here for another update with a new category called “What the Hell?”. It will be about different subjects each week. So now let’s get to this weeks blog.

Gaming Products
I’m talking about stupid stuff people just don’t need but we’ve gotta have. Sometimes it’s something nice like a video game collectors edition, these usually are really awesome but pricey. We’ll spend whatever amount of money we have just to get it, like “Bully” for instance, the collectors edition of this game came with an over case that resembled a locker, inside contained the game and a blue “Bully” dodgeball. Or what about “Halo 3”? that game came in a case resembling the main character Master Chief’s helmet. Wow, $124.99, who would pay that? I also feel like it was more than that before the actual release of the game, oh and I’m mistaken, it’s LEGENDARY EDITION, sorry.

Here’s some other dumb accessories no one needs.

Punch-Out Exclusive Heavyweight Contender Kit:
Now, I have a couple complaints about this: it’s misleading, it’s forty dollars, and it’s useless. I’m so against this simply because, it’s not useful, it’s stupid to spend money on, and it’s just retarded! let’s take a look at the details for a second.

Product Features
King Hippo Crown Replica
King Hippo Desktop Punching Bag
King Hippo Boxer Shorts (Size: Large)
Doc Louis Remedy Chocolate Bar
Kit does not include Punch-Out!! the game. Game sold separately.

…What? Are you kidding me? I get all this useless shit I don’t need and I don’t even get the game..What kind of crack whores shit product is that? Honestly I just don’t understand why ANYONE would want that and why would you categorize it as a video game if it doesn’t come with the actual video game!! It’s just too stupid to go on.

A Resident Evil Zippo Lighter

This lighter is kinda cool, I’d buy it, if it weren’t being shipped from Japan and it wasn’t $124.00.

I can go on about the Nerf Gun game for the Wii and the Wii Sports Sport Controls product that is literally just plastic to make you feel like you actually are playing the sport…It’s stupid, and even in the 80s and 90s game consoles were plagued with useless products from the companies and third party companies alike. It will never end and we’ll always be suckers. I’ll just have to get used to it.

The End.

The pictures I got for this post were from which is an awesome site for gaming news if you are interested.