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kidney infection day 5
March 23, 2009, 11:53 pm
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I’m bored. and restless. my infection seems better. I slept for most of the day.

I’m just too bleh to really do a good job on this post. I’m tired of being sick. I feel hideous. I don’t know what to do.

We watched The Brothers Soloman, it was really funny. It ended with a magic numbers song, which reminded me of the magic numbers. They were all the hype for a while, then they kinda disappeared. I liked some of their songs a lot. I wonder what they’re doing now?

The Magic Numbers- I See You, You See Me
This was my favorite song of theirs.

this is all for now. give me a topic to write about for tomorrow!



kidney infection day 4

the infection continues. although today, so far, I feel a little better. i am developing a cold. so I’m bleh. I slept like all day and am still tired. In honor of that, here are my five favorite sleepy songs. By sleepy songs I mean songs about sleep, that make me sleepy, or are dreamlike.

in no particular order:

Belle and Sebastian -Sleep the Clock Around
Well I guess the title implies that it’s about sleeping. More than that, it sounds like a dream. I can imagine hopping from cloud to cloud in my dream with this as my soundtrack.

Yo La Tengo-Little Eyes
This song has some sleep like quality to it, and it’s chrous is “wake up little eyes”. Most importantly, this is a great song.

Vashti Bunyan-Glow Worms
This song has all of the qualities for a perfect sleepy song. Vashti Bunyan’s voice is so beautiful and soothing. There are lyrics about sleeping. And the melody sounds like a lullaby. Perfect for good dreams.

American Analog Set-The Postman (Styrofoams Just Like the Nineties never Happened Mix)
This song just sounds like sleeping in on a rainy day.

Dntel-Dreams (Ft. Mystic Chords of Memory)
The title gives this away, but the song sounds like floating through a dream. a happy, weird, little dream.


kidney infection day 3

Johnny and I came to pueblo today. I was feeling pretty good all day but then at the end of our dinner with my dad at black eyed pea I got really sick. So we went to my dad’s and I cried and took a nap on the couch. I woke to my dad and johnny watching “the first wives club” which was the highlight of my day. I was sad/am sad because I am worried that I am not getting better : ( I still have a high fever, get chills, and can’t really eat .

so because I am sad I decided to post five of the saddest songs ever. Well, actually, just songs that at some point or another I specifically found sad. Don’t cry like I did today : (

in no particular order:

Nick Drake- Way to Blue
Nick Drake wasn’t the happiest guy. This song sounds like a funeral, literally. it’s beautiful though.

Elliott Smith- King’s Crossing (Live at the Henry Fonda Theater 1.31.2003)
This is heartbreaking. This song literally makes me cry everytime. In the studio version of this song you can hear elliott smith’s fiance say “Because I love you” after he says “Give me one good reason not to do it”. According to an article I read, she yelled that every time he played that song. On this live version, you can hear her yell it. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. I can’t even listen to it anymore. In fact, just writing this is making me sad.

Bright Eyes-Poison Oak (Live on the Morning Becomes Eclectic 5.2003)
I think this song is so sad. It is definitely the saddest on I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning. The meaning behind this song is very sad too. Sadly, it was written about Conor’s cousin who had past away. I think this version of this song is absolutely beautiful. I like it because it is unpolished and really stripped down. You can hear his voice cracking during it. I think we can all relate to it in some sense.

Joni Mitchell-The Last Time I Saw Richard
A friend of mine put this song on a mixtape for me. I had never heard it before, but fell in love with it. I told him later that I thought it was a really sad song, he didn’t understand why. I still stand that it’s very sad. I can remember being in my car in high school crying to it. I think it was sad to me because I was so lonely, and I felt like I was destined to become her character in the song, being a romantic and ending up “hiding behind bottles in dark cafes”.

Rivers Cuomo- Longtime Sunshine
I first heard this song when I was 14, before I went to high school, in my summer of weezer. I’d stay up like every night on the message boards just hoping to see ace (river’s screen name) sign on. I was a total dork. I thought this song was so sad. Especially the part when he says “sometimes i wanna get in a car, close my eyes and drive real fast, keep on going ’til i get some place where i can truly rest”.


kidney infection day 2
this is a kidney, unfortunately my kidneys are sick and sad : (

this is a kidney, unfortunately my kidneys are sick and sad : (

so the infection continues. and it sucks. there are a million things that would be better than having kidney infection.

having just a bladder infection
going to bars to celebrate sarah’s birthday with her
just having a cold
hanging out with my dad
eating a cookie
watching tv casually
having a beer
going to new york
going to denver
saying hello
being asleep
being on an island
cuddling johnny
kissing johnny
petting the cats
seeing barack obama
vomming….oh wait. that’s my current life.
seeing a movie in a theater
eating at three margaritas.
going to the gay bar with chris
drinking wine
being on a boat
dancing to UB40
wear normal clothes
look pretty
play with coco
going to sxsw………………

on that note, I am really jealous of everyone at south by southwest. therefore to make myself even more sad about what i cannot do I am going to post my favorite songs by people performing at SXSW.

Indian Jewelry- Powwow
M.Ward-Paul’s Song
Vetiver-Angel’s Share
Akron/Family- Running/Returning
Casiotone For the Painfully Alone-Cold Shoulder
Jana Hunter-K
HEALTH-Glitter Pills
Okkervil River- A Stone
Headlights- Some Racing, Some Stopping
The Black Lips-Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah
Phosphorescent-A Picture of Our Torn Up Praise
Matt and Kim-Lightspeed

so yea, that’s a taste of my favorite sxsw stuff. Wish me health for tomorrow!

kidney infection day 1
March 20, 2009, 2:51 am
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I have a kidney infection : (

Because I am sad, with a high fever, and a soar kidney I wanted to make a post that would make me happy. As bro as it may be, we love the lonely island. and I though “Normal Guy” was the funniest song/bit on their album “incredibad” .


Here’s a link to Normal Guy interlude. enjoy!