Little Clouds

guess we’re back

It’s been a few months, sorry everyone. I’m sure no one minded too much. We’ve just been super busy, looking for apartments, starting new jobs, taking finals, doing summer school, adopting pets.

Here’s a list of everything of importance since we last posted
My Bloody Valentine show
Maria Taylor Show
Another Conor show
One Year Anniversary
Internship at the Daily Camera (marissa)
Job at Proactive (johnny)
adopted a dog
Michael Jackson Death, leading to 24 hour MJ listening all the time

I thought I’d keep it simple with this blog and talk about some things coming up that I’m really excited for.

Sonic Youth obviously. super excited for this show. duh.
Monster of Folk Album If you know me, you know I hated Outer South. This will hopefully be better. It’s a collaborative album with Conor, M. Ward and Jim James. I was lucky enough to see them all perform together at the Newport Folk Festival. blew my mind. this will be awesome
Vetiver Show hi dive
Casiotone hi dive
Off the Wall Dance Party we’ll probably go to this because we’re dorks
Monolith Festival excited for Of Montreal, Cymbals Eat Guitars, HEALTH, The Antlers, M. Ward and Deer Tick


Fuck You Larry! (4)
April 17, 2009, 9:29 pm
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Today Marissa is going to help me out with the Fuck You post, I think this should be fun and we’ll have a good time just like 2 guyz. Let the experiment begin!!

07. Mall Cop Movies: We’ve had enough of you, what is the purpose of two coming out relatively close to each other what is the point of these movies are mall cops really that funny? I mean one, okay, but two? We’ve got problems, and I’m blaming you..Fuck you.

06. Cat Pee: We just dealt with the worst situation of stuff being peed on by Buster the cat, man just the scent alone is awful but to pick up a bag filled with cat pee, ah. Fuck you.

05. Tony Horton: You’re an extreme dick, that’s what you are you bastard who seems like he molests women on a daily basis. What kinda creep are you? I feel like you may be creepier than Tony Little, that’s saying a lot. The worst part is we’ll probably end up doing your stupid video tonight you wacky jacken fucker you, Believe it! Fuck you!

04. Annoying scene girls at Conor Shows: I’ve (johnny) only encountered this problem twice, the first time I saw Bright Eyes, and when I recently just saw Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band, listen girls, it’s okay to love a band for their music, but when you’re at a show screaming how bad you want to fuck Conor, it’s a little ridiculous. Stop it, it’s not like he’s going to listen to you and be like “yeah I want to fuck that girl as much as she wants to fuck me” nah, never would happen And I’ve (marissa) dealt with this problem 18 times. Not only are these girls obnoxious and annoying, they also don’t even know the first thing about the band that they are flashing. The girls in front of us in line at Conor first thought that they were seeing Bright Eyes and secondly thought the name Bright Eyes came from an indian meaning. WTF? You got there 7 hours early and you don’t even know what band you’re seeing? Fuck you.

03. Coachella: you are at coachella, watching leonard cohen while I’m stuck in my house because of the blizzard, in my pajama’s watching people talk about sarah palin running again in 2012. It’s not fair. I don’t really hate you, I enjoyed you when I went in 2004 and 2005, but I’m jealous of everyone who got to go this year. so fuck you coachella, with your sunshine and good music. Fuck you.

02. Sarah Palin: You’re still around? Really? Do you not know how to leave? You’re like a fucking herp, what the fuck? Shut the fuck up already I can’t believe people still rally for you although everyone saw how much you really just do not know, you’re just a dumb slut who lucked out for a moment, fuck you wolf shooting bitch.

01. Tea Party Protest: What more can really be said about the idiocy that was the tea party protests? First of all, the entire point of the protest doesn’t make any sense. Not that most republicans understand history and facts are pretty much lost on them, but the entire purpose of the boston tea party was to fight taxation with out representation. you do recall the little election where you FAILED in november right? Plus, most of you assholes that wasted your time at the protest will have LOWER taxes under the Obama administration. What do you want to do now? Tea bag people in the face? I’d have to say that’s a lot worse than gay marriage, who in the world wants hot salty balls in their face? Not I, and not You. Sorry that this has strained out to something entirely different but really, and you FOX news, are you still tea bagging people? Really? What’s the point of this? On top of this who started calling this the “Tea Bagging Coverage?” It’s just disgusting. Fuck you.

Fuck You Bro! (3)
April 8, 2009, 7:09 pm
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I’m going to be an oddball here, I am only posting a top seven, HA!

07. Mad World: You’re too short! Fuck you man.

06. M Night Shyamalan: What the hell dood (yes I write dude, dood) your movies are just all awful, yeah, I spent money on The Happening, I also walked out of that theatre very upset fifteen minutes into the movie. Why are you so bad?! I don’t get it. How can you still have a job? Fuck you.

05. Wall-E: ….Just kidding I love you Marissa butt
happy school year anniversary!!!

04. Clowns: You scare me, Fuck you.

03. Extenze: God, I always see these commercials and the same thing always gets me, the main guy. The way he says “male enhancement” and then does a weird mouth slap…What the fuck? That’s just weird.. Fuck you.

02. New Found Glory: Are you kidding me? You’re still around!? What the hell I mean really it’s not like you have the same fan base at all like all those weirdo’s that used to like you still do I mean that’d be ridikulus!(yes harry potter ridik) Fuck you New Found Glory for being so shitty

01. Cat Poop: You stink! Cats seem to poop when it’d be the worst possible time- right when you into walk in a room where there is a litter box. they also seem to like to tip over those litter boxes which is another big problem because then you’re stuck cleaning cat poop and pee off the floor! What the hell!! Fuck you!

-Johnny Ketchum

bonnie “prince” billy :(
oh prince of all this shit.

oh prince of all this shit.

I forgot da prince was last night. how dumb can you be? I realized when it was too late. ah well. I’m not going act like i’m will oldham’s biggest fan, I have friends who like him much more. but I enjoy him and am sorry i missed it.

here are my favies:
Bonnie “Prince” Billy-Hard Life
Bonnie “Prince” Billy-Wolf Among Woves
Bonnie “Prince” Billy-For Every Field There’s A Mole
Bonnie “Prince” Billy-Grand Dark Feeling of Emptiness
Bonnie “Prince” Billy-You Remind Me of Somethine(The Glory Goes)

my favie song about da prince:
jack Lewis/Jeffrey Lewis-Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror

-marissa malouff

April 2, 2009, 8:06 pm
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today for soundbite there was a violinist. soundbite, if you don’t know, is the program i book bands for in the umc. the violin is such a dramatic, sad, beautiful instrument. when songs use violins it’s like cheating because they automatically are pretty and good in my book. except for yellowcard, but that’s a given.

for today’s post i am sharing my favorite songs that feature a violin/other pretty string instruments.

Carissa’s Weird-Farewell to All these Rotten Teeth
if you’ve heard carissa’s weird, which hopefully you have, you know that they made beautiful, beautiful music.

Espers-Black is the Color
I like the idea that there are certain folk songs that like everyone covers, “black is the color” being one of those, this is a really pretty version of it.

Final Fantasy-Many Lives-_49mp
The violin part in this song hurts me, it’s so pretty. it’s like too much.

Head of Femur-Curve That Byrd
Head of Femur is good. this is my favorite song of theirs. that’s all i have to say about it.

Bob Dylan-One More Cup of Coffee
This is my favie b.d. song.


Hey, Fuck you too(two)!
March 29, 2009, 2:02 pm
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Okay we’re back again with another fuck you countdown. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time and so I’m going just get down to the countdown of fucks.

05. Jonah Hill: Jonah Hill, you are very annoying and all your characters seem like they are just you, a dick. Have you seen the video of you going off on Edgar Wright? that guy is a genius for just proving how much of an asshole you actually are! Fake or not you’re still a dick and I just don’t like you, fuck you. Oh and also fuck you for wearing a Daniel Johnston shirt, you bitch.

04. Jack Thompson: How many things can I really say about this man that hasn’t already been said? He’s the whole reason we still blame video games for school violence, because some how a fps (first person shooter) teaches you how to become a trained assassin. Don’t get it, fuck you.

03. James Carville: You look like a lizard and you’re just ugly, fuck you hillary lover.

02. Kanye West: No, you’re not the greatest rapper of all time, fuck you.

01. Capcom: If you know me, you know how much I love video games and how much I love Capcom, but the thing is, I really don’t love Capcom. I like companies that were a part of Capcom, like Clover, who made games like “Viewtiful Joe”, “God Hand”, and “Okami”. These are some of the greatest games ever because of their art direction and unique stylish gameplay. They were created by Atsushi Inaba, the man created greats for Capcom like “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney”.

Capcom did the worst thing they could ever do, they scrapped Clover Studios and got rid of a lot of prominent players, including the man who directed “Resident Evil 2”, Hideki Kamiya. Before “Resident Evil 4”, this was the most talked about game in the series. He also created “Devil May Cry”. God just with this fact alone I can go on and on about these guys and who they were and what they did for Capcom, and how Capcom fucked up, bad. Fuck you Capcom.

Here’s the rest of the roster of Platinum Games which was Seeds and before that Clover Studio:
Shigenori Nishikawa: Dino Crisis 2 (PSX), Resident Evil (GC), Resident Evil 4 (GC)
Shinji Mikami: Resident Evil (PSX/GC), Resident Evil 4 (GC), God Hand (PS2)
Yusuke Hashimoto: Resident Evil 3 (PSX), Devil May Cry (PS2), Resident Evil (GC), Resident Evil 4 (GC), God Hand (PS2)

Okay, I’m sorry, but I have to bitch a little more. Not only did they get rid of FOUR prominent players in the entire Resident Evil Series, they got rid of every director and producer for their Resident Evil Series. And now I’m realizing why Resident Evil 5 is so lackluster. They took what these men made and just pooped it out again. Double Fuck You Capcom! and look into Clover Studios and Platinum Games, they did great work.


the blizzard..
March 26, 2009, 1:25 pm
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i guess my kidney infection is over. thank god. or at least I don’t need to keep taking medicine. Today there will be a blizzard I guess. Or something like a foot of snow. It’s weird. It never snows in Pueblo. Boulder, yes, definitely, but pueblo is usually pretty dry. It will be like the old days though, seeing pueblo all snowy, I’m kinda excited.

so it looks like the first day I can go have fun after being in bed for a week I will be cooped up inside. oh well. I still hope my sister comes and tomorrow, and that I can go antiquing with my mom.

Even though it’s technically spring, I thought I’d post some snowy songs. I guess I may be overdoing this whole snow thing, but you would be surprised how little snow we’ve seen all year.

Neil Young-Little Wing
I love this song, it’s one of my favorite neil young songs. I have a fall connotation with it, because it reminds me of moving in my house. But it also reminds me of a snowy day, at my house in boulder. Maybe like the first snow or something. It’s such a good winter song, I probably think that because of the lyric “winter is the best time of them all”.

Final Fantasy-Your Light is Spent
Final Fantasy always reminds me of when I first moved into my house too. I would always listen to “He Poos Clouds” when I was cleaning or something on the record player. This song (off “Has a Good Home”) always reminded me of a like a light pretty snow..and once again being inside. But I guess that’s a given.

Josh Ritter-Girl in the War
This was the first song on a mix a friend made me at the beginning of my freshmen year of college. It reminds me of walking through campus in the snow. It seems like everytime it would be snowing, which it snowed a lot that year, I would put this on to walk to wherever I needed to go. I was always going through a hard time that winter, and this song always comforted me.

Sondre Lerche-Modern Nature
This song makes me happy it’s snowing, which is a feat, because I usually hate the snow. I saw Sondre Lerche play this live and it was adorable. First of all, he is adorable. Second of all, this is the cutesiest song ever. Third, there were windows behind the stage and it was snowing. perfect.

Okkervil River- Listening to Otis Redding at Home during Christmas
This is a given, based on name alone. And I’m going to regret putting it here during Christmas when I want to use it for some other purpose. But it is all based on home and comfort. Plus, this song is really really great.