Little Clouds


marissa and johnny
We are a couple in our twenties who live Pueblo, Colorado. We just moved back to our somewhat hometown after I (marissa) graduated from the University of Colorado and had a long road of unemployment that led us to living at my dad’s house. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Living at home is a new adventure to say the least. While living here in Pueblo, we both worked for the Democratic party before the election, which was an awesome experience. Johnny just received his associates in Art. Like most twenty-somethings, We are both planning on going back to school next fall and are in the process of applying. Johnny is going to get his teaching certificate and I am going to law school. We have a kitty named Buster who is a fatty. We love bitching, saying hello, playing on the wii and looking at puppies. We hate republicans, DBs, and when Buster chews up our cords. On this blog we’ll probably rant about videogames (Johnny), politics (marissa), music (both of us) and the wonders of being 23 in a recession.

-marissa malouff

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