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Hey 2010
December 6, 2010, 3:32 pm
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The year’s just about over and we’re back! I know that we suck at updating. But now that we don’t have much going on, we should be better. It’s been a pretty crazy year. Here are the nuts and bolts so that way everyone knows everything about our super exciting lives.

Marissa graduating and then being unemployed
I graduated this time last year and didn’t work for quite a while. It was cool though, I just took a lot of baths, listening to a lot Joanna Newsom, did pilates, exercised and did freelance work. It was pretty cool.
Owen Pallett Concert at the Larimer Lounge
Best show we went to this year by far.
The move back home in August
After not being able to support myself in Boulder anymore, we were forced to move back to Pueblo until I found something.
Concert for Equality with Desaparecidos at the beginning of August
Just like we were 16 again, we went to Omaha to see Desaparecidos. I never thought I’d get the chance to see them. We both loved them! We had to go. And it was super fun. One highlight was seeing Neva Dinova’s Jake Bellows the night before the big show. All around we had a fabulous time.
Field Organizing for the Democratic Party
I got a job right when we came back from Omaha as a field organizer with the Democratic Party working for Congressman John Salazar and Senator Michael Bennet. It was crazy. 90 hours per week. No days off. But it was one the coolest work experiences I’ve ever had. Plus, Johnny got a job as a paid canvasser, so we got to work together sometimes! We worked day and night from August through November. Unfortunately, Rep. Salazar lost. Sen. Bennet, however, beat the tea party and kept Colorado Blue.
FYF in LA at the beginning of September
Our one break from campaign life was our four day trip to LA to see our friends and go to Fuck Yeah Fest. FYF was a shit show in that it was the most poorly organized festival ever. We saw Wavves, Best Coast, School of Seven Bells, Titus Andronicus, The Growlers and mostly stood in lines. We idiotically didn’t see Warpaint and really regret it now.
Best Coast November 3rd
The day after E-day we chilled at Best Coast at the Bluebird.
Tim and Eric sometime in November
We celebrated Chrimbus with Tim and Eric
I went to visit my best friends Chris and Sarah in NYC, while there we saw Sufjan Stevens at the Beacon. I also bought a ton of clothes because I felt rich because of just having a job.
Johnny’s Blog!
Johnny’s been blogging pretty regularly on his own blog about videogames! He’s done lot of countdowns and other cool stuff. Check it out here

So that’s about it for 2010. It’s been a pretty sweet year. Hopefully 2011 will be cool too. Anyway, expect some end of the year lists, most likely a review of the Weezer show we’re going to this weekend and some other kind of cool things. We are back- for real this time.



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