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Mad World: A Video Game Review
April 3, 2009, 2:05 pm
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Johnny Ketchum here with a game review of Mad World by Platinum Games and Sega for the Nintendo Wii.

I’m going to split this into a few categories, first will be Gameplay, then Sound, then Graphics, and an overall view of the game. So lets get down to brass tax.

The gameplay is solid. It’s a fun game filled with great violence and awkwardly funny dialogue. It’s really a fun game. I’d probably give the gameplay a 3/5.

The songs are repetitive and get kinda old after a while. It’s kind of annoying because the songs just kind of explain the story,the lyrics are just like almost exactly what you’re doing or what has to be done. The announcers are really annoying and aren’t funny, they just keep repeating theirselves which gets on your nerves, especially in tense situations. 2/5

This is probably the best thing about the game. The graphics are awesome and sometimes leave you in a weird state where when you see the color red and you’re kind of blinded by the onslaught of color. The black and white scheme is beautiful and it looks different from any other game out there. This game amounts to other clover studio, or rather platinum studio, games. 5/5

Overall Game:
I have many complaints about it being too short, I beat the game in three hours and seventeen minutes. I was expecting a lot more out of this game but it turns out to be a God Hand type game with an ending that leaves a sour taste in your mouth. It was $50 for a game you can beat in a day, when you could get a better game like Okami and have days of gameplay for $30. My final verdict on this game is, rent it. There have been better games released by this company. It’s a real disappointment because I had so much hope for this game.. Overall, I’d give this game a 3/5


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