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yeah yeah yeahs-it’s blitz! review and more
March 27, 2009, 3:10 pm
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its blitz! is a really good name for an album

it's blitz!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-It’s Blitz!
My grade: C+

I had really low expectations for “It’s Blitz”, for the most part the album met them and at points exceeded them. From the get go, when I heard “Head’s Roll”, I was skeptical, or rather negative, about the synths and disco beats saturating this release. I was right, the disco songs on the album, “Head’s Will Roll”, “Dragon Queen”, “Dull Life” and “shame and fortune” are the worst songs on the album. “Zero”, the album’s opening track, also falls under the mediocore dance song category. “Runaway” begins nice enough but ends up too dramatic, and then kind of just sounds like “Lover I Don’t have to love” or something.

They’re trying to be something they’re are not, and while synth dance may be in, and the YYYs may be a good band, they fail at making interesting synth dance music. It’s like they’re trying to be glass candy- but ending up as the killers. When really, we just wanted the yeah yeah yeahs.

However, this album isn’t all horrible. There are some really great tracks. I like every ballad on the album. “Skeletons” is beautiful, and Karen O’s voice sounds great on it. “Soft Shock” is also really, really good. “Soft Shock” and “Skeletons” are both performed acoustic as the album’s bonus tracks, and in my opinion, thats how they sound their best.

All around, this album has high points and low ones. And it’s no worse then the Yeah Yeah Yeahs last record. In general, for me, with the YYYs they have about two or three really great songs on their LPs and the rest are take it or leave it. The bonus tracks alone make this album a worthwhile listen.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Soft Shock (Acoustic Version)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Skeletons (Acoustic Version)

Conor Oberst- Slowly (oh so slowly) song review
My Grade: D-

This new song, from Oberst’s May 5th release “Outer South”, is streaming on his website.

stream of new song

It’s really bad. that’s all I have to say about it.



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well EXCUSE ME MISSY. I actually love all the dancy ones you hated and thought the ballads were more on mediocre side of the scale. I was disappointed too. And I like “Dull Life” but it sounds strangely a lot like my song “Black Dawn” and so now I feel like I can never publish that song.. “Dragon Queen” makes me wanna do a load of basket off a stripper’s puss, and I really like the music in it. “Zero” grows on me. But I do love the song “Hysteric”, I think it’s totally cute. Alas this album is the reaosn I might not fork over for Coachies.. So I dunno. Kind fo agree, but I don’t want to.

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