Little Clouds

the blizzard..
March 26, 2009, 1:25 pm
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i guess my kidney infection is over. thank god. or at least I don’t need to keep taking medicine. Today there will be a blizzard I guess. Or something like a foot of snow. It’s weird. It never snows in Pueblo. Boulder, yes, definitely, but pueblo is usually pretty dry. It will be like the old days though, seeing pueblo all snowy, I’m kinda excited.

so it looks like the first day I can go have fun after being in bed for a week I will be cooped up inside. oh well. I still hope my sister comes and tomorrow, and that I can go antiquing with my mom.

Even though it’s technically spring, I thought I’d post some snowy songs. I guess I may be overdoing this whole snow thing, but you would be surprised how little snow we’ve seen all year.

Neil Young-Little Wing
I love this song, it’s one of my favorite neil young songs. I have a fall connotation with it, because it reminds me of moving in my house. But it also reminds me of a snowy day, at my house in boulder. Maybe like the first snow or something. It’s such a good winter song, I probably think that because of the lyric “winter is the best time of them all”.

Final Fantasy-Your Light is Spent
Final Fantasy always reminds me of when I first moved into my house too. I would always listen to “He Poos Clouds” when I was cleaning or something on the record player. This song (off “Has a Good Home”) always reminded me of a like a light pretty snow..and once again being inside. But I guess that’s a given.

Josh Ritter-Girl in the War
This was the first song on a mix a friend made me at the beginning of my freshmen year of college. It reminds me of walking through campus in the snow. It seems like everytime it would be snowing, which it snowed a lot that year, I would put this on to walk to wherever I needed to go. I was always going through a hard time that winter, and this song always comforted me.

Sondre Lerche-Modern Nature
This song makes me happy it’s snowing, which is a feat, because I usually hate the snow. I saw Sondre Lerche play this live and it was adorable. First of all, he is adorable. Second of all, this is the cutesiest song ever. Third, there were windows behind the stage and it was snowing. perfect.

Okkervil River- Listening to Otis Redding at Home during Christmas
This is a given, based on name alone. And I’m going to regret putting it here during Christmas when I want to use it for some other purpose. But it is all based on home and comfort. Plus, this song is really really great.



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