Little Clouds

kidney infection day 4

the infection continues. although today, so far, I feel a little better. i am developing a cold. so I’m bleh. I slept like all day and am still tired. In honor of that, here are my five favorite sleepy songs. By sleepy songs I mean songs about sleep, that make me sleepy, or are dreamlike.

in no particular order:

Belle and Sebastian -Sleep the Clock Around
Well I guess the title implies that it’s about sleeping. More than that, it sounds like a dream. I can imagine hopping from cloud to cloud in my dream with this as my soundtrack.

Yo La Tengo-Little Eyes
This song has some sleep like quality to it, and it’s chrous is “wake up little eyes”. Most importantly, this is a great song.

Vashti Bunyan-Glow Worms
This song has all of the qualities for a perfect sleepy song. Vashti Bunyan’s voice is so beautiful and soothing. There are lyrics about sleeping. And the melody sounds like a lullaby. Perfect for good dreams.

American Analog Set-The Postman (Styrofoams Just Like the Nineties never Happened Mix)
This song just sounds like sleeping in on a rainy day.

Dntel-Dreams (Ft. Mystic Chords of Memory)
The title gives this away, but the song sounds like floating through a dream. a happy, weird, little dream.



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