Little Clouds

fuck you. an update.
March 20, 2009, 4:10 am
Filed under: listy-poo, rant

10. Regis Philbin: You dirty son of a bitch, I could never explain why I hate you so much, it’s just something that is a problem with me but not so much anyone else..You just seem like a smug little bitch, fuck you.

09. Kanye West: You sir, are a bitch. Fuck you.

08. Halo: Fuck you and your fans! Typed in Halo and boobs came up.

07. Gramers: Also known as “bro’s who play video games and consider themselves gamers because they play Halo and Madden games”

06. Cloverfield: I had really high hopes for you, REALLY HIGH. It hurt when you let me down like that. and I’ll never forgive you, fuck you.

05. Bill Gates: I just flat out hate you and microsoft, sorry bitch. Too bad I’m too poor and built my own PC rather than getting a mac…Oh well you run like a girl, fuck you.

04. MSTRKRFT: your music is pathetic you guys no longer seem to have talent, your fans are douchebags and you’re not too great yourselves, fuck you.

03. Zac Efron: I’m sorry, Marissa. I love you, but I hate Zac Efron and I’ve explained why I really have no need but beside the fact that Zac Efron is rumored to play Light Yagami in a western remake of Death Note…Fuck you.

02. Tim Allen: You are just dumb. Fuck you.

01. Paul W.S. Anderson: You are a worthless piece of shit on the movie world, not to mention the movie world but the gaming world too! Your game to movie adaptions are HORRIBLE, do you honestly have no talent? Is it that hard to just, work a little harder on the movie? You suck, your movies suck, and I just don’t like you sir, fuck you.

this concludes my first fuck you post.
-johnny ketchum

originally posted on 3.17.2009


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