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March 19, 2009, 5:16 am
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I hate you blogger. I just wrote the longest post and it didn’t save. fuck. I am having an annoying day. This is a post of rants, of the flattering and unflattering sort.

Because I am having such a bad day I am beginning this blog a picture of adorable kittens. kittens and ranting always make me feel better.

Now on to the latter. ranting.

First of all, Johnny and I decided not to go to coachella. it’s too expensive and all our favorite bands at it are coming here anyway.

on that note there are a million good shows coming to denver in the next few months. i don’t know how we will afford it.

TONIGHT! Akron/Family. Oriental
3.25 Ariel Pinks Haunted Grafitti. Hi Dive
3.26 The Spinto Band. Larimer Lounge.
3.29 The Tallest Man on Earth. Old main
4.3 Beep Beep. larimer lounge.
4.5 Bonnie Prince Billy. bluebird
4.10 conor oberst. ogden
4.11 conor oberst. aspen
4.15 Headlights. hi dive
4.21 The Black Lips. Bluebird
4.23 Wye Oak. Hi Dive
4.24 My Bloody Valentine. The Fillmore
4.25 Maria Taylor. Hi Dive
5.5 The Faint, Croccodiles, ladytron. the ogden
5.8 Adrien Orange. Rhinoceropolis
6.2 Leonard Cohen. red rocks. maybe?
6.14 Handsome Furs. Larimer Lounge

Shows we will go out of our way to make sure we don’t miss
3.26 The Spinto Band
One of our love songs is “Spy vs. Spy”. Plus, my love adores this band. we will go for sure.

4.10 Conor Oberst
who am I kidding? we’ll be at both for sure. I’m sure his new album will blow. I have no expectations at all. poor conor just isn’t that good. but old faves die hard.

4.15 Headlights
I think this band made me want to be 21 more than any other band, simply because they came so much before I was 21 and I always wanted to go. so I am definately going this time!

4.24 My Bloody Valentine

5.5 croccodiles
Seeing the faint is always fun, but we’ve seen them a lot and let’s face it, they had like two good albums (Danse Macabre and Blank Wave Arcade). Everything they’ve released after danse macbre has been subpar at best. we are mainly going to see croccodiles. I haven’t heard them but Johnny is very excited to see them. we definately won’t miss it.

5.8 Adrien Orange
I adore everything on K records. prentenious and general but true…well except the blow, but that’s because I got tired of them not because they are horrible. are they even still on k records? anyway I love love love thanksgiving. and I like rhinoceropolis. this will be a good one for sure.

Things we will go out of our way to miss
as well as good shows, there are some shows we you couldn’t pay us to see. depending on the amount ofcourse.

Brian Jonestown Massacre. sometime in may? somewhere in denver.
We’ve all seen the documentary. and I had some friends who went to see them in ’06 at the Boulder theater, and according to them it didn’t go very well. it was basically a never ending set. Now, I have nothing against Brian Jonestown Massacre, but we have a lot against jamming. fuck jamming. I hate jamming more than anything else in music. and I hate long sets. there I said it. I get tired, my feet hurt and I want to sit down. I’ve become more and more anti- the long jam session the older I’ve become. and thats the difference between a concert goer in their twneties and a teenager. However, I still felt the same way about this when I was a little one, I just pretended like I liked it.

The Decemberists. sometime in may? also somewhere in denver.
There is nothing that makes me more mad than when the decemberists are someone’s favorite band. really? favorite? that’s a bit much. people are just too into them. . but I guess that doesn’t make them bad. What makes me not like them is, 1) most of their music puts me to sleep 2) overplayed. johnny and I don’t do well with over played songs.

Mstrkrft. also in may? denver.
what the fuck does this band come every day? Seriously. I cannot wait for this fad to pass.What’s funny is that I don’t even hate this band as much as johnny does. johnny hates mstrkrft with a passion. so yea, we’ll steel clear of this one.

animal collective. beginning of june. boulder theater.
Okay, so ofcourse we will actually go to this. we love animal collective and wouldn’t miss it. That doesn’t change the fact that every tool in the world is going to be there. I have heard “I already bought my ticket bro” at least once a week…for the past two months. What the fuck? who buys their ticket to animal collective 6 MONTHS early?!?! We’re not talking about the michael jackson tour, we’re talking about animal collective. Animal Collective who played an unsold out show three years ago at cervantes. If you all love animal collective so much why weren’t you there? oh and guess what..Animal Collective isn’t even that good live. so quit acting like it’s the second coming of christ. on that note, see you there.

-marissa malouff

originally posted on 3.17.2009


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