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and now a silly rant
March 19, 2009, 4:45 am
Filed under: rant, review

So seeing how the Super Bowl was just two days ago I thought I’d talk about the movie spots…

as far as I’ve seen…not a lot of action going on there…I mean…Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and GI Joe Rise of Cobra…awesome…Both titles are lacking creativity but who needs creativity when you have big names like Transformers and GI Joe? I’m so annoyed with the state of movies and adaptions in general it’s gotten old, about eight years ago…come on now. Do we really need more mindless films being made? Now, Pixar’s Up seems like a cute and sad story…I’m sure that will be great. The preview doesn’t give you much besides the fact that it’s about an old man, a little boy, and a house that has been lifted by hundreds of balloons..I’m excited for this though. I’m also very excited for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince…We all know the movies aren’t as great as the books but what people tend to forget is if you wanted to read the books, read them. They’re at your disposal it’s not like you couldn’t do so. So stop complaining that “The movies just don’t do it justice” I know tons of fans that got into the series because of the movies such as I, now granted I got the books that were out as soon as I’d seen the first movie but it was still an entry way to the books for me. Now I’m cutting this short because I’m running late to my next class.

Johnny Ketchum

originally posted on 2.3.2009


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